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Glossary entry discussion: Violence

This thread is for articulating the definition of violence for the glossary in the official version of Free Press Bible.

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Here is a starting point for this definition:

Violence is the use of force against another person, when the force used is more than necessary for preventing a greater act of violence.

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I like the way you put it. It adresses a hierarchy of rights that I think needs to be considered. ( I don't do that as well in my definitions)Here are some other candidates for discussion.

"Use of dangerous force without due regard for the rights of others" (that's a new one shaped by your influence)

"The intentional breaching of rightful boundaries."

Upon reflection, I don't think you and I will have much trouble settling on a definition. Much content in the official release is related to promoting a philosophy of non-violence. I will be satisfied to include only one usage definition.(the one dealing with interpersonal activity)

In my personal collection, in the section titled "convictions", I have the statement

"Violence never serves the cause of justice" .

Right now I am thinking about paraphrasing your statement for the definition's example sentence.