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Section a: Copyrights & Licensing

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Copyright 2009-2013 FREE PRESS BIBLE™

The printable or text portion of this publication is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

This means there are no legal restrictions to prevent the copying, distributing, or creation of derivative works from it,except that any derivative work must also “Share Alike” and not just allow, but specifically stipulate that the same liberties, and liberty preserving restrictions must extend to any subsequent derivative works. Also attribution must be given to the original author or copyright holder in a manner prescribed by the copyright holder.

The computer software portions of the Free Press Bible publication are released under the GNU General Public License Version 3 and include third party software products also released under that license.

Owner/users of the Free Press Bible product need not concern themselves with the restrictions explained in the licenses unless they intend to distribute a modified or derivative work.

With the primary intent of Free Press Bible being to encourage the creation of derivative works by owner/users, it is fitting to mention that if the derivative work in question is to be offered for sale commercially, neither the Free Press Bible name, or the cover design or artwork may be used. These are trademarks belonging to