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The FREE PRESS BIBLE is a special sort of Bible. It is in a very important sense non-religious. It is emphatically non-sectarian, and by virtue of it's promoting owner/users to modify it in whatever way they desire, it is in essence authentically non-denominational. It differs from predominate collections in that it was designed specifically to be modified, continually updated and personalized by ordinary people. It is meant to inspire readers and owner/users to collect, create and prioritize their most valued texts, documents, and recordings how they see fit. It is meant to be useful to people who think of themselves as anti-religion or simply have no particular religious affiliation, as well as those who do consider themselves religious. It is meant to contain articles that the owner/user wishes to identify with, and also articles that show aspects of ideologies they are opposed to and fighting against. It is meant to contain symbolic expression of strongly held sentiments and philosophical ideals, prioritized in a unique way by any individual who works to adapt it to their purposes. It is meant to be published in such a format that derivative and competing works can be easily made by anyone so inclined. It is meant to be not only a book, binder and journal, but also a set of tools that encourages and better enables people to respectfully and safely compare their strongly held beliefs with each other. It is meant to promote the preservation and expansion of intellectual rights. It is meant to help owner/users become and remain philosophically self critical. It is meant to provoke open controversy and debate on as broad a scale as possible. It is meant to be criticized. It is meant to become a catalyst for cooperation and collaboration among people that have common values. It is an expression of faith in symbolic language's usefulness and intrinsic goodness. It has been put together collaboratively utilizing peer influence. It is meant to be entirely non-sexist. It is a joint product with a software based content creation/selection and archiving system, operating freely and openly according to creative commons, open source and GPL standards and principles as both a personal binder, (Bible) and personal media management tool.

I hope you find this approach as inspiring as I have and that we find the opportunity to have many great conversations.~ atypican