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Section: How to Use This Bible

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Being an owner/user of Free Press Bible, you are required to decide whether you will be using all, some, or none it's features.

Since the Free Press Bible process is by it's very nature a self guided process, please do not look for any sort of official guidance as to what specifically is worth keeping in your collection, as that would essentially defeat the purpose.

If you are inclined to use only the tangible printed product, the directions for use are most simple and straight forward:

Remove the cover and you will notice binding screws that hold the pages of your bible together. Loosen and remove the screws with a screwdriver and your bible can be disassembled for adding or removing pages.

The pages of Free Press Bible are half-letter sized. This means that suitable pages for your collection can be made by folding an ordinary piece of paper in half, punching holes into it, and assembling it into your book.

The Free Press Bible Process, also referred to as “Self-Canonization” is essentially a self guided process.

This particular collection belongs to:____________________________

Who began self-canonization on: __________________________________

The contents of this collection (if it belongs to you) are to be accepted, rejected or modified. The articles are printed in a gray color. Darken in black articles you accept, Blot out articles found not to be worth inclusion. Highlight articles, relocate articles, note your own thoughts next to those who have influenced you.

Consider what is more or less important to include. Though modern technology allows easy creation of libraries of considerable size, a collection printable within the confines of a single book requires a much more discerning approach.

Some possible sources for content for your collection are

3. Your own memory and imagination

4. Conversations you have

5. Public and Private Libraries

6. The Internet

Getting started is easy. Start by filling the various sections with articles that you either strongly agree, or disagree with. Place the articles you feel most strongly about at the forefront of the section you've categorized them in. This task can be done in complete privacy for however long you like. Attractive articles can be found all over the place, and building a collection of favourites is a good way to start. The things you find attractive, reveal important aspects of your personality.

Content for your collection can come from anywhere. Any material that can be printed on a piece of paper, you are free to include in the bible that you hold in your hands. Just as no law can justly stop you from committing to memory the things you read and witness, no law can justly prevent you from utilizing tools like Free Press Bible to develop your personal philosophy. What some might call religion.

The act of self-canonization involves prioritizing some articles ahead of others. This is a great way to refine the way you think.

Start with a blank collection, a collection you already value, or the promotional publication if you so choose.

If you choose to build your collection from the promotional publication, please keep in mind that it was not compiled with any hope or expectation that owner/users would wholeheartedly agree with and accept every portion. Much of the content is included only because of it's controversial nature.

It may well be that you will prefer not to base your collection on active and open public controversies, debates and discussions like the promotional release is.

How closely, you choose to involve others in the development of your collection is up to you. You will find that without being stimulated by others, progress will be painfully slow. Conversations with other people are very useful for helping to challenge the way you think, and for finding more effective ways to express the way you think.

Important conversations are worth keeping a record of. There is a section entitled “suspicions”. This section is for material of suspect, or potential value. Things you want to look through, consider, “distill” or “mine” valuable content from.

There is no need to limit your collection to printable material, unless for some reason you do not have access to the internet or a computer.

Since the directions for how to use the digital media based features are different for different computer systems the how to use sections for those can be found either at:

or on the Free Press Bible DVD

There is more than one way that the Free Press Bible product can be acquired and used.

For users who have no interest in buying a copy, they are free to download one. All the current content of the promotional release, (including all the software included on the Free Press Bible DVD) can be downloaded from

If you want the snazzy Free Press Bible binder and it's accompanying DVD though you'll have to purchase it at

If for some reason you cannot get a copy through the website, please write to: