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Atrag's Reward Points: 5521

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Should adult prostitution be legal?
1 Added Argument What's funner drawing or writing?
-1 Downvoted Argument What's funner drawing or writing?
1 Added Argument Should Nom/Ramshutu/BurritoLunch be taught to talk with respect to CD members?
9 Added Argument Should there be a universally defined right to marriage including gay marriage?
1 Added Argument Should doctors be allowed to get WEALTHY off of your MISERY?
2 Added Argument Is sexual orientation a choice?
2 Added Argument Should doctors be allowed to get WEALTHY off of your MISERY?
1 Added Argument Can gays or bisexuals, be Christians?
1 Added Argument Hypocrisy: Supporting the death penalty, but not abortion.
1 Added Argument How Were People Convinced By The Fantasy Which Is The Official 9/11 Story?
4 Added Argument What is the Mexican population in the UK
2 Added Argument I wrote and recorded this while drunk and high.
1 Added Argument CD, The most inward looking site on the internet.
1 Added Argument Describe your ideal society in three words
8 Added Argument Can you believe we have Drag Queens talking to our children and parading into Congress?
0 Added Argument Why is Excon too much of a pussy to respond to this?
0 Added Argument It is my right as a human being to have Chinaman charged with hate speech, before a court.
3 Added Argument Would you let a kindergarten teacher accused of sexual abuse care for your kids?
2 Added Argument Should Euthanasia be made legal in all countries?
4 Added Argument It's OK to kill viable babies, but not OK to deny them non life threatening healthcare?
1 Added Argument To the person who hacked my Youtube. I have the right to kill you.
5 Added Argument Is it possible to be too accepting of others?
3 Added Argument Democrats do support Muslim terrorist

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