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Jace's Reward Points: 4506

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Liberalism is'nt about being inclusive. It is about dictating which groups to in
1 Added Argument Should women cover up or wear revealing clothes in public?
1 Added Argument Is denial of God intellectually defensible or not?
9 Added Argument Should More People Become Vegetarian/Vegan?
4 Added Argument Emotion or Logic
5 Added Argument Absolute Morality
2 Added Argument Is atheism the most logical theistic stance?
3 Added Argument Is atheism the most logical theistic stance?
1 Added Argument Are Transsexuals abominations?
1 Added Argument 18th and 21st Amendments
1 Added Argument Would Anarchy work in a perfect world, or even in modern world?
6 Added Argument Is religion child abuse?
1 Added Argument Can any believer prove their god exists ? If not why ?
7 Added Argument Is religion child abuse?
2 Added Argument Are rich people obligated to donate to charity?
2 Added Argument Free will does not exist you flea brained simpleton
1 Added Argument Is it rude to complain about an Artist's art price?
1 Added Argument Is it possible to be sexist against men and racist against whites?
2 Added Argument To all the anti Christian bigots on this site, ask yourself why you so dislike Christians.
1 Added Argument Grown Up Snowflakes at Berkeley Faculty boycott their jobs to "Protest Free Speech Week"
2 Added Argument What age to tell a kid you're gay?
4 Added Argument Can there ever be two or more objective truths?
1 Added Argument Is the burka freedom of expression or oppression and concealment of identity
2 Added Argument Should people with serious inheritable diseases be allowed to reproduce?

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