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1 point

I'd say belligerent

You are entitled to your opinion.

What does it matter, it was a request for assistance, in a project that is supposed to be based on user generated content, whether or not atypican is being (to your mind) artistically or intellectually creative doesn't doesn't mean that he isn't being creative.

I didn't say he wasn't creative, I said "it doesn't look like he's been very creative at all" If he wants people to help him he'll have to be more creative than he has been from what I can see.

2 points

I feel like if I could explain the project succinctly yet thoroughly, I could attract people to help me make it into something that would improve the ideological atmosphere in neat ways.

How so?

I prefer your good questions to your harsh commentary.

I would prefer that I got paid for bothering at all. Notice that no one else seems the slightest bit interested? Why do you suppose that is?

I have faith that reason will be diligently applied and the worst articles will fade into obscurity in it's light.


1 point

I have some strong biases that I think will put off too many potential users should I publicize everything in my collection too soon.

What is the difference between your collection and what you intend to publish? If you want people to decide for themselves what to include, what are you publishing?

It's not so much a lack of passion I need to make up for, as a lack of technical skills.

If you did have the technical skills you see as being required to move this project forward, what would you use them to do?

I do not expect my project to compete with the internet as a means of expanding intellectual liberty, but rather to make use of the internet in a novel and compelling way.

So far I see nothing particularly novel or compelling.

The project is a publication, NOT a membership organization.

So suppose you attract a bunch of "collaborators" whose input you don't value, how will you keep that from projecting an image contrary to the one you'd like to?

1 point

Why are you being so negative about the guy's attempts to create something.

I like being adversarial. Besides, it doesn't look like he's been very creative at all but rather is trying to get others to be creative for him.

I suppose you have a superior project that you have created, that has become successful.

go right ahead and suppose.

1 point

For one, because they already understand that improving one's own ideology, or philosophy, or religion is a wiser focus than attempting to influence others to improve theirs.

I checked out your site and it doesn't look like you have accomplished much. It looks to me like you want people to team up with you and basically make up for your lack of passion. And by the way, I hope you see the hypocrisy in trying to "get others to focus on themselves"

Another reason would be because they want to see tools that promote self guided philosophical development, and expanding intellectual liberty, outmode instructional methods that are seen as too centralized or authoritarian.

Isn't the internet already taking care of that much better than your little pipe dream could ever hope to?

Early on though I expect that the metaphorically challenged, and those who have a habit of quickly jumping to conclusions won't be much interested at all, and I see that as a good thing.

I suppose I should rephrase my intro question as "Why do you suppose anyone would be impressed enough by the very little you seem to have accomplished to want to jump on your little bandwagon?"

1 point

Why would anyone be interested in this project ?

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